Rose Quartz Roller

13 KD

Rose quartz is a natural healing stone where its colour can range from pale pink to deep bright pink. Often associated as the stone of love, known to heal the heart as well as attract love from around. Rose quartz is cool in nature, filled with healing and positive energy, while also durable, making it perfect as a facial roller.

Facial jade rolling stimulates the lymphatic drainage, depuffing and reducing appearance of fine lines, while simultaneously improving elasticity of the skin by massaging the underlying facial muscles. When used with serums, face oils or other facial skin care products, the jade roller effectively aids penetration and boosts circulation to enhance results. A perfect supplement to your daily skin care routine.


Gently roll Mellow Naturals rose quartz roller over cleansed face or after applying your favorite Mellow Naturals serum or face oil. This roller also works well with moisturisers and sheet mask products.

After use, wipe clean with soft cloth or wash with water. Make sure to completely dry the roller before storage.

Tip: For enhanced experience, store Mellow Naturals Rose Quartz Roller in the refrigerator 10 minutes before use.

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